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Scalextric GT40 MKII

Another iconic classic car from the past has arrived from Scalextric. Not just the 1:1 prototype past either, it has a lot history in our 1/32nd hobby. Ready for a trip back in time?

The 1967 World Sportscar Championship series started in Daytona. After Ford won the 1966 crown and still savoring the Le Mans trilogy win, a lot was on the line. The Ford Vs. Ferrari war was still raging.  The first race of the new season meant Ford had to reinforce their claim for fame. The result? FERRARI DOMINATION. So much for home field advantage.

Not a good start at all for Ford and the MKII. The second race in Sebring had to be the answer. Yet Ferrari was absent aside from private entries, and so the real rematch would come later.  This race would be historic as well. It would see the MKII to only be in the shadow of the next generation GT40 by Ford: The MKIV.

When the dust settled it was first win by the new MKIV. The victory wasn’t that sweet given the main Ferrari absence, but the podium was Ford’s nonetheless. Our MKII driven by A.J. Foyt and Lloyd Ruby took second.

This Scalextric warrior has some history all its own. It has been about 16 years since the first versions arrived here at HRW. Since about 1997 when Fly seemed to burst on the scene and treat us all to the detail level we had been waiting for,  companies like Scalextric had to answer the challenge.

In just a few years Scalextric had really improved. And not just in scale detail or fit and finish. The overall performance of this generation of slot cars is what really had quite a few enthusiasts very pleased. Stronger bar magnets, “Sport” versions with collector boxes and somewhat improved axles, and a chassis that would allow easy magnet location changes. Or additions depending on your taste.

The first generation releases of the GT40 were a really BIG deal. Here is a trip back in time to one of our early reviews. And the last time I picked a new one was back in 2012 shown here.

So veteran enthusiasts might look at this car and just say: “It’s just another GT40”.  And no denying it of course. But I still remember how fortunate we felt back then and feel the same way today. This is just one nice slot car.

On the outside, things look fine except the wheels. Yes, I know I am being picky. Some will really like the chrome. I just do not. These cars just did not have this level of chrome to them. It would have looked better using the 2003 gold wheels than these.  Researching this car even for 5 minutes should come to the same conclusion.

Aside from my opinion of the wheels, the rest of the car is very well done. Nothing I have not seen before, which is a good thing in my book.

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