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Carrera Selections 2019

Two classic Carrera models returned for 2019 and I had them on pre-order as soon as they were announced. For me they are timeless and my collection always has room for more.

The Ford Torino and Chevy Monza. For many the Torino is the most popular and for good reason of course. But I always liked this Monza mold. I remember these cars from my youth (although not like this) and they are fun to collect and race.

The Torino is modeled after a 1:1 car driven by Ben Arnold. I am actually surprised to see an actual NASCAR scheme given the direction Carrera has been going with models these days, so it was nice to see.

The Monza is simply stunning in this color. Carrera did a fine job on the finish.

Mechanically speaking nothing has changed. And that is fine by me.

Here are a couple reviews of prior models for more specifics.

Carrera Torino Tuning
Carrera Monza Review and Tune

Very pleased with both offerings. Glad to see them again for this year and I will welcome more in the future.


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