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Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage GT3

1/32 Scale Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage GT3 #C3856
Australian GT Championship 2013 – Darrell Lee NO. 7 (Tony Quinn Driver)

This is not a new mold by any means, but it is my first Scalextric version of this car. Since I am not really a huge fan of modern GT in any class, these cars just seem to take a back seat (ahem) to other releases. 

But my recent collection of them are growing and it made sense to add it. This car still maintains the sidewinder chassis design rather than the new inline approach Scalextric has been taking with newer releases. This might be good or bad depending on your personal taste. For my track, the motor configuration is not really a factor.

On the outside the car is well done and is a very close match to the prototype. These are not tampo stamped markings, this a decal type method that Scalextric calls “water labeling” and it does the job. Especially on models that the designs would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to accomplish with traditional Tampo stamping.

The outside looks fine for my hobby dollar. It is one wild scheme to produce and any fans of the 1:1 car should be pleased. Nothing is ever perfect, so only you can decide. For me? Yeah, I like it and it will be raced.

That wing is a big one and not surprisingly it won’t take a lot of hard knocks before breaking. But that is just the chance you take in or hobby when we want scale appearance. Hopefully it can last a while even in my hands!

As we mentioned, it is still the sidewinder configuration with standard bar magnet behind the motor. Digital plug and play for the Scalextric system and solid front axle configuration. And additional/alternative magnet pocket is seen in front of the motor. 

Standard gear ratio here. There is a bit of side to side freeplay in the rear axle. And some freeplay in the bushing to axle fit. But very common on all these models. Not a deal breaker for myself or the tuners I race with.

Out of the box in runs fairly well, especially on plastic track with magnet in place. The working front and rear lights adds some visual appeal if you appreciate them.  Just as it is, it’s a decent slot car for a fair price and would compliment any modern GT collection.


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Scalextric AMC Javelin – Bill Collins 1972

Although it is January, one of the most appealing releases of the year from Scalextric has arrived. That is fine by me as I could not wait to add yet another one of these classics to my collection.

The paint and markings are done well enough for me. And detail level is more than enough for my taste.

Nothing has changed mechanically since the debut last year.  CLICK HERE FOR THAT REVIEW. 

Score another win for Scalextric in my book. Great classic slot car at a fair price.


Sponsored by LEB Hobbies

Scalextric ARC ONE

There is nothing quite like the fun of opening a new slot car set. This is how most of us got started and choosing the right one can be the beginning of a very rewarding hobby. As we all know, that FIRST impression is a lasting one and this set from Scalextric delivered a positive one to say the least.

And sometimes the technology advancements this hobby has seen in the past few years can turn a once simple starter set into an impressive slot car experience.  That new technology was my reason for choosing this set.

The criteria I followed was short and simple:

  1. Low Cost.  A set that was under the $200 limit.

Set purchased HERE at LEB Hobbies

  1. Featured the ARC ONE system for quick race management/timing.

Please watch the videos as they tell it all.

I like to base my opinions just as a newcomer would when opening a new set. Imagine Christmas morning and this is the set you chose for that lucky racer.

  1. How easy is it to set up? That is a big deal isn’t it parents?
  2. How much fun is it? Isn’t that the goal? Can your new racers have some fun discovering this hobby with it?

My main reason for choosing this set was because it included the ARC ONE system or App Race Control. This is a simple race/lap timing system that works on your smart phone or tablet. I felt it could add some interesting aspects to  standard analog racing and although I was skeptical, it proved to accomplish that and more than I expected.

We will begin with looking at the ARC ONE system.

Here is a link to the Scalextric site which shows the 3 different ARC systems and shows you the differences. 

I just wanted the basic system. Something that added a little more to the standard analog racing without the added expense. So remember this is NOT DIGITAL. It is simple 2 car racing, but the ARC ONE has enough features to make it interesting.

The first thing we did was download the ARC ONE app. We were using our Apple iPad and iPhone but it also works with Android based devices.

Installation was easy enough. The instruction booklet included is simple to follow. My grandson had it ready to go in just a few seconds.

Tire wear and fuel strategy are not the only stars here. The lap timing is a major item of interest for me. We do a great deal of fast lap challenges around here and it was this feature I looked forward to the most.

Well, that was BEFORE we raced using the other options and having to pit. I must say this added a great deal of fun for simple analog racing. The ARC ONE version does not have all the full bells and whistles that the ARC AIR and of course the ARC PRO has, but the basic functions included are more than enough in my opinion, especially for just starting out.

My only concern was how easy would it be to connect? Nothing can frustrate you more than a system that needs advanced settings just to connect. Thankfully this one is as simple as it gets. Load the app on your device and the light on the powerbase will turn green. That let’s you know you are connected. Green means GO right?

Now to set up the track. Scalextric track is very easy to connect/disconnect.

We chose a track plan that would fit our table and in just a few minutes we were ready to race.

The power base is simple enough to connect as well. The connections are clearly molded to only fit the correct way. I left connecting the controllers and power to my 8 year old granddaughter. So I am sure that anyone reading this can do it as well.

You do not need the App to run the cars, although that is the main reason to choose this set. The transformer in this set is a new one as well. It is 15VDC with 1.2 AMPS output. This larger amp output was nice to see as it helps prevent that major increase of speed in one car when another crashes. With the speed limiter controllers, dialing down the speed is easily enough accomplished as well.

Now veterans might find this next opinion a little odd, but I have to say I am VERY impressed with the new controllers. The reason I am is the built in “governor” or speed limiter. These WORK GREAT and proved it the first time we set them up.

You can adjust the amount of control by turning the knob as shown in the video.

This has been a long time coming. It is just what our hobby needed to help the first time young racers. We can all say things such as “Just teach them”. But the real truth is that it’s nice to have an option built in to help us do that.


Ah the highlight of any set. And for me there isn’t a better pair of cars than classic American Iron!

These cars have been in the Scalextric line up a long time. They have strong enough magnets to help keep the cars pinned to the track and they run VERY well right out of the box like they should.

Plus they just look great. Ford vs Chevy. It doesn’t get much better than this in a slot car set.

This video of my grandchildren and I racing says it all really.

Needless to say, I am VERY pleased with this set. It was easy to set up and in minutes we were all having a great time racing slot cars. The ARC ONE App adds so much to the racing that it is EASILY worth the extra investment over a standard set. From the tire wear and fuel strategy, to reaction times and overall lap timing. This is the one thing that most sets lack and what most enthusiasts look for. I have spent hundreds of dollars for timing systems on our wood tracks and although they are a bit more advanced for holding race events, this simple app does what most newcomers will want.

So if you are looking to get started in this hobby, I have to HIGHLY recommend this set. You should have a fun first impression and that is exactly what a good set should deliver.


Set purchased HERE at LEB Hobbies

King of the Mountain!

Ford, Bobby Unser, Smokey Yunick, Holman & Moody.  These legendary names came together in 1969 for a record-setting effort at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. If there was a truly unique car for Carrera to choose to model, this one certainly qualified.

For those that enjoy the history of our models, take the time to watch this priceless interview.

It just doesn’t get much more classic than this. No, it’s not a car that flew around the high banks of Daytona but it seemed to have wings on that famous mountain in 1969.

Carrera has done a good job in giving us this car in our scale. Nothing is perfect but I feel the effort represents the car well enough.

No matter how many years this mold from Carrera has been with us, it just never gets old to me. I just do not take for granted classic American cars in our hobby.  Then they produce a car with this kind of history behind it and I can’t help but appreciate it even more.

And although it was not an oval racer, you can bet that is exactly where I will race it. We already race completely fictional schemes alongside scale efforts, why stop now? In our scale world anything is possible.

Great job Carrera. I truly appreciate this classic Ford.


Model acquired from:

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Scalextric Classic Falcons

Two classic Australian Ford Falcons almost a decade apart. Each one a classic in it’s own right that highlight a legendary driver and an equally legendary race. If you are a slot racer in Australia, you should be pretty excited at the release of both.

1979 Ford XC Falcon in stock HERE

1970 Ford XW Falcon in stock HERE

I’m pretty excited and I am in the middle of the good old USA.

Why the appeal? I am certainly no expert on Australian motorsports. The again I’m no expert on quite a few series our hobby features. But I do enjoy reading and learning about the many different race classes from all over the world. And recently that is just what I have been doing. The racing at Bathurst in particular, with the interesting history of Ford along the way. Read about it HERE.

Model Length Width Height Weight Gearing/Config Motor
1970 Falcon XW 147 MM 55 MM 43 MM 74g 9/27 Inline 21,500 RPM
1979 Falcon XC 153 MM 63 MM 41 MM 95g 11/36 Sidewinder 21,500 RPM

Now you might look at these cars and scratch your head. They don’t look like any Ford you remember. But if you sit back and research Ford in Australia, it will all make sense. Fascinating to me and you might find it creates a little more appeal for models such as this. To be very blunt, these models hold more interest than other various marques from Europe. Even with the steering wheel on the “wrong” side, they have very close ties with our own versions. Then you throw in the fast paced action that Bathurst featured and you get a win-win.

Model Introduction Video

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