Carrera 1/32 First Responder Truck

We knew more versions of this truck were going to happen and this one fits right in with the first releases from last year. 

The idea is to have the front part and chassis to stay the same, with only changing the rear configuration. So mechanically it is the same as the first release of the wrecker we show here. ORIGINAL WRECKER REVIEW

This time we have the “first responder” configuration. So now we can get that fire put out using our cannon!

I think the detail level is more than adequate. This is a simple trackside novelty and also a mostly fictional creation. So in my eyes in plays the role perfectly.

It has lights and sound, just remember the sound functions only on the Carrera digital system.

This type of toy is not for everyone in our hobby, but Carrera deserves credit for creating a very unique offering. We see a lot of the same old molds over and over again, so just seeing this kind of creativity once in awhile is refreshing.


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