Carrera Ford Torino Returns

Carrera Ford Torino Talladega ‘Wendell Scott, No.34’ and ‘Benny Parsons, No.98’


Although these models are based on older molds from years past, they are likely the most important 1/32 releases of the year for many of us. From newcomers to veterans, these American oval classics are truly a sight for sore eyes.


Why so important? Well, just look at them. Here are two legends of NASCAR’s past that have long been needed in our hobby. Each one has their own important place in the history books and we now have them to enjoy.

If that were not enough (which it is), then look at what American race car enthusiasts have been asking for.  More classic American iron. OK, done.

Finally, the part that hits closes to home for me: OVAL RACING. These are literally the only two models coming to us this year. The most popular form of racing on this side of the pond does not get nearly enough attention.

Sadly we have only one brand that acknowledges the appeal for it, and Carrera has at least earned high marks for that. I won’t bother rambling on about the 1:1 cars or the legends that  drove them. You can easily do a quick Google on that and trust me, you will get PLENTY of material to sort through. When you do, you will see how close these are. Take into account that some images are older scans of original photos and that colors/decal placement varied greatly. Most of these cars changed from race to race, so this must be also taken into account.

The Parsons car is special in another way as it is the ARCA version. I like seeing that series featured.

On the outside, the cars are about as nice as you can ask for. Markings and paint on both are very clean, opaque, and sealed nicely with a dust free clear coat.





Colors and markings match most prototype photos close enough. Nothing is ever perfect, but credit is due to the Carrera design team for producing more than acceptable accuracy.

It is worth noting that these models were decided upon over a year ago. Our toys do not come to us overnight as some might expect. Most of the credit for reviving them goes to Dave Kennedy of Carrera of America. Having a true enthusiast presence in the USA that actually has influence on what models we see is what sets Carrera apart from ALL the rest of our slot car brands. I was fortunate to learn of these models being revived back then and to say I was excited was an understatement.


Wheels and tires are the same as on all recent releases. Fine by me as they work well enough in stock form.

The Goodyear markings are replaced with Decent Decade logos and I have no problem with it. As soon as they start turning, you cannot tell and racing them is what I want to do most.



The chassis is all new due to the new digital system, but it is close enough to the original to provide even racing. Especially for those of us who enjoy non-magnet style. Standard Carrera motor with 9/27 gearing and polarity switch for direction changing if desired.

 Paul Gage 22103XD tires are the ones I use on the rears.

These cars ran fine out of the box although a little chatter was present of course. That’s to be expected non-magnet and no surprise or concern. With just a little tire sanding front and rear, they smooth out well enough for my racing.

Not many models for this year hold as much appeal as these do for me. I expect many others will be showing them off very soon as well.

Thank you Carrera for bringing us more American Classic NASCAR!