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Carrera 1/32 First Responder Truck

We knew more versions of this truck were going to happen and this one fits right in with the first releases from last year. 

The idea is to have the front part and chassis to stay the same, with only changing the rear configuration. So mechanically it is the same as the first release of the wrecker we show here. ORIGINAL WRECKER REVIEW

This time we have the “first responder” configuration. So now we can get that fire put out using our cannon!

I think the detail level is more than adequate. This is a simple trackside novelty and also a mostly fictional creation. So in my eyes in plays the role perfectly.

It has lights and sound, just remember the sound functions only on the Carrera digital system.

This type of toy is not for everyone in our hobby, but Carrera deserves credit for creating a very unique offering. We see a lot of the same old molds over and over again, so just seeing this kind of creativity once in awhile is refreshing.


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Sideways LG H GT3 – Limited Gulf Edition

This is yet another slot car I passed on when first released. I am just not a big fan of these modern supercars and the first presentation version in green certainly did not increase my appeal. That was then. This is NOW.

Intro Video

Although the Gulf scheme is part of the reason for my renewed interest, it was the feedback from other enthusiasts that really changed my mind. The reports of the on track performance had me anxiously awaiting my turn at the controls.

Weight Height Length Width Wheelbase Front Track Rear Track Motor Configuration/Gearing
85g 35 MM 144 MM 65 MM 84.50 MM 64 MM 64 MM 17,000 RPM  AW

Under the case are parts for the chassis and of course on top is your patch. The round caps are for the chassis to install for chassis flex adjustment. The side pods are for if you went inline using a pod. You will need to add screws for the caps which seems odd that they were not included. Also of note is the decals for the car. Tire side markings and the actual Lamborghini logos. Little wonder this car is labeled as a “LB H GT3”. 

As far as I am concerned, they did a nice job on the outside. The colors and design just work on this car better than I thought.

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Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage GT3

1/32 Scale Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage GT3 #C3856
Australian GT Championship 2013 – Darrell Lee NO. 7 (Tony Quinn Driver)

This is not a new mold by any means, but it is my first Scalextric version of this car. Since I am not really a huge fan of modern GT in any class, these cars just seem to take a back seat (ahem) to other releases. 

But my recent collection of them are growing and it made sense to add it. This car still maintains the sidewinder chassis design rather than the new inline approach Scalextric has been taking with newer releases. This might be good or bad depending on your personal taste. For my track, the motor configuration is not really a factor.

On the outside the car is well done and is a very close match to the prototype. These are not tampo stamped markings, this a decal type method that Scalextric calls “water labeling” and it does the job. Especially on models that the designs would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to accomplish with traditional Tampo stamping.

The outside looks fine for my hobby dollar. It is one wild scheme to produce and any fans of the 1:1 car should be pleased. Nothing is ever perfect, so only you can decide. For me? Yeah, I like it and it will be raced.

That wing is a big one and not surprisingly it won’t take a lot of hard knocks before breaking. But that is just the chance you take in or hobby when we want scale appearance. Hopefully it can last a while even in my hands!

As we mentioned, it is still the sidewinder configuration with standard bar magnet behind the motor. Digital plug and play for the Scalextric system and solid front axle configuration. And additional/alternative magnet pocket is seen in front of the motor. 

Standard gear ratio here. There is a bit of side to side freeplay in the rear axle. And some freeplay in the bushing to axle fit. But very common on all these models. Not a deal breaker for myself or the tuners I race with.

Out of the box in runs fairly well, especially on plastic track with magnet in place. The working front and rear lights adds some visual appeal if you appreciate them.  Just as it is, it’s a decent slot car for a fair price and would compliment any modern GT collection.


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Scalextric Classic Falcons

Two classic Australian Ford Falcons almost a decade apart. Each one a classic in it’s own right that highlight a legendary driver and an equally legendary race. If you are a slot racer in Australia, you should be pretty excited at the release of both.

1979 Ford XC Falcon in stock HERE

1970 Ford XW Falcon in stock HERE

I’m pretty excited and I am in the middle of the good old USA.

Why the appeal? I am certainly no expert on Australian motorsports. The again I’m no expert on quite a few series our hobby features. But I do enjoy reading and learning about the many different race classes from all over the world. And recently that is just what I have been doing. The racing at Bathurst in particular, with the interesting history of Ford along the way. Read about it HERE.

Model Length Width Height Weight Gearing/Config Motor
1970 Falcon XW 147 MM 55 MM 43 MM 74g 9/27 Inline 21,500 RPM
1979 Falcon XC 153 MM 63 MM 41 MM 95g 11/36 Sidewinder 21,500 RPM

Now you might look at these cars and scratch your head. They don’t look like any Ford you remember. But if you sit back and research Ford in Australia, it will all make sense. Fascinating to me and you might find it creates a little more appeal for models such as this. To be very blunt, these models hold more interest than other various marques from Europe. Even with the steering wheel on the “wrong” side, they have very close ties with our own versions. Then you throw in the fast paced action that Bathurst featured and you get a win-win.

Model Introduction Video

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Scalextric Racing Truck – TEAM GULF

When you truly want to run something different? Race the trucks.

Scalextric entered the truck racing scene a couple of years ago with these generic “super-resistant” models. Basically this means a no-frills model that isn’t exactly a 1:1 prototype match. However, they are very close to the real deal and many enthusiasts appreciate the very low entry price.

I am not much of a racing truck fan, but I am a hopeless GULF racing scheme fan. As soon as this truck arrived at my dealer, in the cart it went.

These super resistant models do not come in standard cases, rather simple cardboard. That is just fine by me. I’m not a shelf queen collector and if it helps keep this price point low, I am all for it.

Quick Data

Height – 80 MM
Length – 170 MM
Width – 72 MM

Overall the artwork is well done. As  GULF fan, I just want it to look reasonably executed and Scalextric accomplishes that for me.

The models in the super-resistant line are perfect for beginners and younger drivers. Low cost/High Durability. That doesn’t mean none of the veteran enthusiasts won’t appreciate them, we do. Sometimes it is very convenient to have models like this when guests arrive. Go ahead…race’em!

Beat them, bang them…have fun. Meanwhile my more delicate models stay safely hidden.

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