This might be one of the nicest models Thunderslot has produced to date.

Here are two videos that feature this great model. The first is our quick look on the outside and then we have a tuning video that might help you.

Quick Look!

Although these Thunderslot CAN-AM models will not please the fine scale enthusiasts, I personally think these are best offerings of this great series we have ever had in this hobby.

Offerings in the past from other manufacturers have all had one primary flaw: Poor performance.

The Revell-Monogram versions from years back had fantastic bodies and detail, but the chassis and running gear were horribly executed. In magnet form on plastic tracks they would run ok, but once you went non-magnet on a wood surface? It was full rebuild time.

The CAN-AM series was one of the biggest and best spectacles in motorsports history. Very few rules and so many teams creating one-of-a-kind rumbling beasts that would just crack your ears the moment the got started.

Thunderslot does utilize a familiar chassis and running gear borrowed from NSR. That brand is now one of the most popular in our hobby today due to the performance factor. 

That is what this series DESERVES: PERFORMANCE.

So the outside dimensions of the model are certainly off. Especially being too wide.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped this series from becoming one of the most popular in our hobby. That’s because it’s hard to tell once you pull the trigger.

So regardless of scale inaccuracies, I still feel these are well worth the investment. I look forward to every release and if you have a race program going, you definitely need to check one out soon!

Some tuning techniques