Carrera 30356 Digital 124/132 Pit Lane




Carrera Digital 124/132 Pit Lane

The Pit Lane is an upgrade to the existing Pit Stop Lane.  It now enables lapcounting when implemented parallel to the Control Unit, and provides improved fuel management in combination with the Driver Display.  It features a new single laned straight with a LED sensor, similar to lane changes.  This LED collects the signal from a car getting to the pit to get refueled.

Contents: 1 lane change entry, 1 lane change exit, 1 standard straight, 2 single lane straights, 1 pitstop adapter unit, 2 end-pieces.

Use in combination with Control Unit #30352 and Driver Display #30353

Note:  The Pit Lane works with both the Control Unit (30352) or the older Black Box (30344).  However, the extended fuel management is only available for use with the Control Unit.

These accessories fit the following systems:
    Carrera DIGITAL 132
    Carrera DIGITAL 124




  • Model: 30356
  • Manufactured by: Carrera of America, Inc.

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Carrera 30356 Digital 124/132 Pit Lane

Carrera 30356 Digital 124/132 Pit Lane

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