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There are many variables that affect slot car tire performance — track configuration, track surface, track power levels, car/motor type, chassis setup and driving style are just a few examples.  With this in mind, Quick Slicks™ high-performance silicone tires are available in "Soft" (Discontinued), "Firm" and "Extra-Firm" compounds to let you determine which one is best suited for your specific requirements.

The Quick Slicks EXTRA FIRM compound silicone tires have a higher Shore A rating than the FIRM Quick Slicks compound. Like all Quick Slicks, gluing and truing is NOT required. However, more serious racers will often glue/true their tires to improve tire performance and overall handling. Quick Slicks EXTRA FIRM compound is more durable than the SOFT compound. As such, more effort will be required should you decide to true and profile them. The EXTRA FIRM silicone compound also results in a tire with a stiffer sidewall.

  • Rounded outer sidewalls on all Quick Slicks give them a realistic appearance like real tires.  The rounded outer sidewalls appear realistic regardless of a given tire's outer diameter - no unrealistic, bulging sidewalls.
  • Quick Slicks designed for a specific wheel are the same width regardless of outer diameter - an important consideration when rules require tires to fit under the car body and you want to experiment with different tire diameters.
  • Quick Slicks provide excellent grip on all racing surfaces - plastic or wood (painted).  The cleaner the racing surface, the better the grip.

If you decide to go the (optional) glue/true route, the Quick SLicks "SOFT" compound requires less effort to do so othan other silicone tires.  Same goes for (optionally) adjusting the profile where the sidewall and contact patch meet.

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