Labelle 107 Multi-purpose Medium Motor Oil

1/2 fl oz / 14.9 ml

Slot car motors and axles need lubrication to spin freely and should be frequently oiled lightly.  A small drop of oil can make a huge difference in a slot car's performance.  Also for use with larger RC models, motor brushes and bearings, axle bearings and servo pivot points.

Labelle 107 is a long lasting, high quality lubricant in a convenient precision needle applicator squeeze bottle.  This medium oil is fully plastic compatible and is specifically formulated for the miniature motors and gears found in slot cars and model railroads.  Labelle 107 is non-toxic, non-staining, non-drying, non-corrosive, non-sludging, and has good oxidation stabiiltiy and shelf life.  Blister packaging.

Please note:  The medium weight oil is recommended for use with high RPM slot car motors.  It is slightly heavier and wears off slower than the light 108 oil.


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  • Model: LAB0430-000107
  • Manufactured by: Con-Cor International

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