Scaleauto SC-6259A Formula 90-94 White Kit - High Nose

Item no.: SC-6259A
Scale: 1:32

Scaleauto Formula 95-97 White Kit - High Nose.

The Formula Scaleauto 95/97 is a generic model based on the cars of that time of the 1990s, without exactly reproducing any particular model, with a fantastic performance and ready to compete with the best quality materials.

1/32 slot car with professional high quality components.

Main Features

  • Lightweight body 0,65mm thickness
  • Body and parts to paint and assemble
  • Complete chassis with parts preassembled
  • Supplied with wheel inserts to paint
  • Front and rear height adjustment
  • Front axle height adjustable
  • Designed to get a lower Center of Gravity to improve faster cornering and acceleration
  • 0.5mm offset motor mount with self-centered bushings
  • Wire clips to avoid interference with axle
  • Longitudinal nerves for improved stiffness specially designed for minimal lateral torsion
  • Pre-punched front chassis diffuses
  • Rear end chassis diffusers design
  • Reinforced guide post
  • Lightweight crown gear with al-7075 hard coated stopper
  • Neodymium strong magnet
  • Digital chip compatible
  • Developed and final part assembly in Barcelona - Spain

Technical Specifications

  • High torque and magnetic motor 21,500rpm SC-0025b
  • Inline motor mount 0.5 offset SC-6523C
  • Guide with suspension system SC-1608
  • Gear inline 26t with M2 fixing screw SC-1112R
  • Nylon pinion 10t for smoother friction SC-1010
  • Hard steel axle 2.38mm x 55m length SC-1211
  • Rear aluminum lightweight wheels 14x13mm M2.5 screw SC-4084F25
  • Front aluminum lightweight wheels 14x10mm M2.5 screw SC-4083F25
  • Front grip zero tires 18x10mm SC-4762
  • Rear tires AS-25 supergrip 20x13mm SC-4763


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  • Model: SC-6259
  • Manufactured by: Scaleauto

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