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Since the introduction of Carrera in 1963, the slot car brand became a clear market leader in Germany and is now a worldwide leading manufacturer in slot car racing. For 50 years, Carrera has been a synonym for racing fun, action, speed and excitement at the highest level. Critical factors for their incomparable success have been the latest technologies, outstanding authentic detail and the direct reference to the most popular racing series. The brand has long been the embodiment of sensational racetrack action. By combining tradition with state-of-the-art technology, the Carrera slot car brand makes it possible to bring the world of motor sports into your home.


GO!!! - High-performance. Durable. Slot car racing meets child-friendly stunt action in Carrera's series of top-quality, durable tracks and cars. Recommended for ages 6+, Carrera GO!!! 1:43 scale systems are designed to be the perfect introduction to the world of Carrera electronic racing. Strong downforce magnets allow for quick cornering and make the cars easier for newcomers to drive. All Carrera GO!!! Cars are fitted with double contact brushes and powered by Carrera’s turbo speed controller with race boost. Cars are approximately 3" to 4" long (8-10 cm).

EVOLUTION - Speed. Precision. Performance. Digitally Upgradable. Realistic acceleration and braking action. One of Carrera’s top selling systems, Carrera Evolution1:32 scale cars and 1:24 scale tracks and sets are user-friendly enough for children 8+ yet challenging for even the most experienced tournament-level slot car racers. Standard features include an inline E200 motor and double traction magnets, high-quality original detailing and tampo printed liveries for superior durability and clarity. Cars are approximately 5" to 6" long (13-15 cm).

DIGITAL 132 - Full Speed. Large 1:32 scale. Superior model making and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide lightning quick tactical moves, peak speed capacity and real-time lane changing in Carrera’s most advanced line of Digital 1:32 scale car and track systems. Fun for children 8+ and competitive enough for even the most experienced tournament-level slot car racer, Digital 1:32 provides more power, speed and refined maneuverability than any track system in Carrera slot car history. Individually codable and digitally controlled cars with realistic acceleration and braking action. The cars are high-detailed models with nicely finished, tampo-printed liveries and generally feature a "pan" interior representing the driver from mid-torso up, allowing more space inside the car for the chip and reducing weight. The cars come with 9:27 gearing and an inline E200 motor. Most cars come with working LED lights and include double traction magnets and a double-braid for improved connectivity. Cars are approximately 5" to 6" long (13-15 cm).

DIGITAL 124 - Super sized. Sporty. Detailed Tuning. In 1:24 scale, Carrera Digital124 is the company’s large-scale line of oversized tracks and high performance car designs. Well suited for teens, adults and hobbyists from 10 years and up - but ideal for true sports car tuners. High performance cars are individually codable and digitally controlled. Standard features include adjustable magnets, front and rear lights, polarity switch to change directions, high-quality original detailing and tampo printing for superior durability and clarity. Carrera Digital124 offers limited edition collectibles limited to only 2,500 models world-wide and a variety of racing themes – each customizable. Cars are approximately 7"-8" long (18-20 cm).


The Carrera slot car brand has carved out a unique niche in the slot car market with their line of 1:24 scale tracks. Carrera track sets itself apart from the rest by offering the widest tracks with an unrivaled 124 scale (7.79"/198mm wide). The wide track and special surface design provide optimal racing in the turns with sensational drifts and power slide action. No other racing system in the world combines the widest tracks to race both 1:24 and 1:32 scale cars. Carrera tracks have solid supports to ensure stability and do not vibrate due to the rigid (ABS) synthetic material, a new bolt system and a stable track system. Track pieces are built with stainless U-profiles using high-grade stainless steel, which promotes good electrical connections and prevents rust/corrosion in harsh environments (damp basements, Garages, etc) and areas where humidity and temperature changes are present. The system features standard curves that come in 60º sections, so you only need three pieces to make 180º.  30º curves are also available if you want to make your circuit turn at a right angle.  Carrera also offers a range of curves with a wider radii to make circuits with up to eight lanes, as they fit outside the standard curves. Banked curves are also available and track borders, which are useful at the curves as they allow the back of the cars to slide out at the bends. Special track pieces for lane switching and squeezing can be used in both analog and digital circuits. All Carrera 1 24 track parts are compatible with Exclusiv and Evolution cars, although each system uses different transformers, speed controllers and connecting sections. Analog track can be expanded from 4-, 6- up to 8-lanes. It is important to note that Carrera circuits can take up more space than other systems due to the wide track.

The 1:43 scale track is proportionally narrower (4.48"/114mm wide) and the sections are shorter than 1:24 scale track. Carrera's 1:43 scale track is very durable and offers easy assembly and dissassembly with adjustable height supports. Carrera GO!!! is all analog track.


Able to accommodate up to six drivers on the same track dueling simultaneously at full speed (Digital 132 accommodates six, Digital 124 accommodates four and Digital 143 accommodates three), Carrera’s digital racetrack adventure means optimal racing through a full field of competition with real-time acceleration and braking, high-speed takeovers, sensational drifts and power slide action. Digital124 and Digital132 scale racers can even plan pit stops, change lanes, draft and pass the competition all at the press of a button.

Carrera Digital offers a variety of upgrade options, including wireless control, a digital lap counter, double lane change sections, 3-D elevations, and expandable shoulders for extra-wide drifts.


NSR 1:32 scale high performance slot cars and precision tuning parts are designed to be competitive straight out of the box.  NSR slot cars are made in Italy with the same passion seen in 1.1 Italian cars with superb handling on all types of slot car track.  As with most models, the NSR cars are available with different chassis configurations.  Cars are fitted with either anglewinder, sidewinder or inline motor mounts.  NSR also offers motors with different operating characteristics, RPM, torque, etc.  A huge catalog of spares including gears, axles, bushings, chassis, motor mounts, wheels and tires with different compounds are available.


The Scalextric slot car brand was officially introduced in 1957, offering a new way to re-create the world of racing in the home and providing families with many hours of fun and excitement that still exists to this day. After several years on the market, following the 40-year run of Scalextric's original (Classic) track system, Scalextric introduced the addition of their Sport line of products in the late 90's, advancing the hobby and solidifying their position as one of the Industry's leaders. The start of the new millennium saw the introduction of digital power bases, giving the opportunity to race up to six cars on any lane. As Scalextric entered the second decade of the 21st Century it has continued to bring technological advances to the slot racing arena. Following Digital has come ARC; a race management system that allows the user to wirelessly manage all elements of the "Scalextric race experience", using Bluetooth technology via a tablet or smart device, seamlessly merging the excitement of real-tiime slot racing with the thrill of on screen gameplay.


Scalextric provides a wide range of tremendously realistic ready-to-race models.  In the 1990s, production moved from the UK to China, enabling the high detail demanded by the consumer. The range offers a diverse choice of options on price, detail and features.

HIGH DETAIL - The Scalextric High Detail range offers detailed interiors and driver figures, high-quality tampo printing and usually featuring working lights.  The liveries are usually reproductions of real racing cars.

SUPER RESISTANT - Super Resistant cars have blackened windows and no interior or lights.  These cars are lighter than standard cars, have excellent handling and are slightly more resistant to damage, making them the perfect cars for beginners and children.

DPR (DIGITAL PLUG READY) - The newer DPR/Easy-fit plug-in chip system was introduced to make digitizing compatible DPR cars easy and quick. DPR cars have a hatch in the bottom of the chassis that can take an Easyfit Digital Plug.

START ENDURANCE CARS - Start by Scalextric is a new range of high performance and damage resistant cars that you can decorate yourself.  The cars come with a sticker sheet that allows you to decorate and personalize if you wish.  These are an ideal entry car for beginners or those who have got a Scalextric set and want to add a new car to their collection, whether it be themed or rally, the Formula series or endurance prototype.


Scalextric track is the most versatile and space-efficient 1:32 scale track system.  The extensive Sport track range includes curves in four different radii (including banked turns in radii 2 and 3) and straight sections in four different lengths, crossroads, raised crossovers and leaps, giving you an immense number of layout options.  Scalextric also offers a full selection of track borders and barriers.  The track is made of a durable, medium-hard plastic (polypropylene) and a medium smooth surface, with 3.03" (77mm) lane spacing.  The resilient material stands up well to frequent assembly and disassembly and features an easy-to-connect, push-fit connection.


Scalextric SSD (Scalextric Sport Digital), was designed to maximize compatibility with Scalextric Sport, their traditional analog system. SSD utilizes the same modular Scalextric Sport track pieces and connectors, making it simple for existing Scalextric owners to convert to digital relatively easily. The system supports up to six driver-operated cars. There is a full selection of specialized track sections and accessories for digital racing.

Scalextric ARC PRO (App Race Control) digital slot car system has a new digital control Powebase and race control system that can be installed on any existing Scalextric track to upgrade to Scalextric digital.  The ARC PRO allows you to wirelessly create and manage races with a smartphone or tablet.  Simply download the ARC app, then connect your smart device via Bluetooth to the new ARC Pro Powerbase, to access all the unique features to control your Scalextric races.


The SXC slot car brand was originally launched in 1962 by the Spanish toymaker EXIN and produces an excellent range of slot cars, track and accessories.  SCX is committed to positioning a good quality product in the market, with the idea of progressively introducing to the brand the most cutting-edge technology so as to continue to lead in all categories of slot cars.



PoliCar was an Italian analog slot car manufacturer from the 1960's to the 1980's.  As of 2018, the PoliCar slot car brand now belongs to Galileo Engineering (  The running gear is Slot.It and all parts are made according to Slot.It quality standards. Packaging is a reproduction of the original carton used by PoliCar in the 60's.

The new entry level models were designed with beginners in mind: new, modern cars with worldwide appeal, lights, a simple one piece chassis, 'easy change' braids, and plastic wheels and tires for a smooth ride.  They're the models that will also be featured inside the Policar boxed sets.

Main Features:

  • Chasis:  rather than the usual Policar/ chassis, there is a simpler, single piece solution.
  • Magnet:  the cars are supplied with traction magnets, because it is likely that these models will also be used on tracks with very limited grip, such as those found in homes.  The same cars, when found inside the boxed Policar sets, will not have a traction magnet, since Policar tracks will feature adjustable power supply and good mechanical grip.
  • Wheels:  assembled from plastic wheels and inserts, to guarantee their roundness, a tried and tested combination on all other Policar models.
  • Lights:  front lights will be standard on all models.
  • Upgrades:  most high performance racing axles, crowns, tries and wheels may be used.
  • Chassis upgrade:  a 'racing' plastic chassis will be made available for these models, or alternatively, 3D printed units will be available from the Shapeways web printing service.


Policar introduces innovative solutions for a completely new track system. Originally planned for four lanes, it will soon be expanded to eight. The track is in hard plastic, with a textured surface to guarantee excellent grip even without traction magnets. Rust resistant steel rails provide good conductivity. Lane spacing is 3.54" / 90mm. Borders are wider than competing tracks, measuring 2.36" / 60mm in width, with a triple guardrail as well as a simpler ribbon type one. All curve assembly pieces are interchangeable -- any constant radius 90° turn can always be replaced with any constant radius 90° turn; regardless of whether you're using R1, R2, R3 or R4 pieces! Compatible (with adapters) with Ninco 1/32 tracks and with Polistil and Fleischmann 1/32 tracks made between 1970 and 2000.


Racer Sideways cars have high quality, fully detailed, ultralight injection molded bodies with the highest performance level, thanks to a plastic chassis and aluminum rims.  Equipped with gear and engine. Limited productions ideal for racers and collectors alike.


In 2017, RevoSlot emerged as a new brand name in the slot car market for its innovative 1/32 scale slot cars built in plastic body parts and metal chassis.  Behind RevoSlot is the world-known BRM Model Cars from Italy, providing all the components of the cars.  The models have a CNC machined aluminum chassis that delivers a supberb platform for tuning a competitive car.

All components are assembled with machine screws and nuts and the motor pod and body mounting are easily adjusted to provide the best possible handling and acceleration.  Aluminum support blocks are used to mount the axle and motor.  The axles are different than most 1/32 cars at a 3mm diameter, so tire choice is limited unless replacing the entire rear axle assembly.  All cars are equipped with front and rear ball bearings and all four wheels are set-screw-mount aluminum.

SLOT.IT, an Italian slot car brand founded in 1988 by Maurizio Ferrari and Maurizio Gibertoni, has revolutionized the slot car racing world establishing itself as the reference brand for upgrade parts and 1:32 scale competition slot cars. cars are among the best in terms of both detail and racing competitively out of the box. The company also offers its own competition chassis for improved pick-up performance, as well as white body kits for experienced modelers to create their own unique versions. Features include the V12 motor, gears and alumium wheels.


SRC was born in Madrid, Spain on July 5th, 2012, offering exclusive products in numbered series of usually 1,020 Units.  In 2015, SRC reached an association agreement with the 1:32 scale slot car company OSC (Original Slot Cars), specializing in racing and competition mechanics in order to boost the performance of all new SRC models on track.

Besides the technological upgrade applied to all of its "Original" models, SRC launched in 2016 the "Chrono" series in order to introduce a new slot car brand category, designed specifically for competition, with OSC's cutting edge technology and mechanics that was not in limited edition.

SRC has maintained its commitment to design and manufacture all of their models from the factory loated in Castalla (Alcante), Spain.


Thunder Slot is the newest line of 1:32 slot cars. Made in Italy and created by Armando Bizzoto. All cars feature high-quality components and are ready to race right out of the box.

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