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There are a number of brands and track systems commercially available, often collectively referred to as 'plexi' track, alluding to the plastic construction and modular desifgn.  Carrera, Scalextric and Policar have a comprehensive range of slot car tracks for sale that allow owners to customize their circuits with special track sections, points and lane-changing curves for building more interesting and challenging courses. Learn about the features of their 1:24, 1:32, and 1:43 scale tracks below.


Carrera has carved out a unique niche in the slot car market with their line of 1:24 scale slot car tracks. Carrera offers the widest tracks in 124 scale (7.79"/198mm wide) that enable racing both 1:24 and 1:32 scale cars. Carrera slot car track has solid supports to ensure stability and does not vibrate due to the rigid (ABS) synthetic material, a new bolt system and a stable track system. Track pieces are built with stainless U-profiles using Nirosta high-grade steel, which promotes good electrical connections and prevents rust/corrosion in harsh environments (damp basements, Garages, etc) and areas where humidity and temperature changes are present. The slot car track sets feature standard curves that come in 60º sections, so you only need three pieces to make 180º. 30º curves are also available if you want to make your circuit turn at a right angle. Carrera also offers a range of curves with a wider radii to make circuits with up to eight lanes, as they fit outside the standard curves.  Banked curves are also available and track borders, which are useful at the curves as they allow the back of the cars to slide out at the bends. Special track pieces for lane switching and squeezing can be used in both analog and digital circuits. It is important to note that Carrera circuits can take up more space than other systems due to the wide track.


The Carrera GO!!! 1:43 scale analog track is proportionally narrower (4-1/2" wide) and the sections are shorter than 1:24 scale track. Carrera's 1:43 scale track is very durable and offers easy assembly and disassembly with adjustable height supports. Choose LEB Hobbies for a variety of Carrera slot car tracks for sale!


Scalextric track is the most versatile and space-efficient 1:32 scale track system. The extensive Sport track range includes curves in four different radii (including banked turns in radii 2 and 3) and straight sections in four different lengths, crossroads, raised crossovers and leaps, giving you an immense number of layout options. Scalextric also offers a full selection of track borders and barriers.  The 1:32 slot car track is made of a durable, medium-hard plastic and a medium smooth surface, with 3.03" (77mm) lane spacing . The resilient material stands up well to frequent assembly and disassembly and features an easy-to-connect, push-fit connection. Browse our collection of new Scalextric cars for sale online today.


Policar introduces innovative solutions for a completely new track system.  The track is in hard plastic, with a textured surface to guarantee excellent grip even without traction magnets.  Rust resistant steel rails provide good conductivity.  Lane spacing is 3.54" / 90mm.  Borders are wider than competing tracks, measuring 2.36" / 60mm in width, with a triple guardrail as well as a simpler ribbon type one.  All curve assembly pieces are interchangeable -- any constant radius 90° turn can always be replaced with any contant radius 90° turn, regardless of whether you're using R1, R2, R3 or R4 pieces! 

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