MPL QX2021 Rev.3 Carrera Digital Decoder Chip NOW with Pre-Wired Plugs

Item no.: MPL QX2021 Rev.3

MPL QX2021 Rev.3 Carrera Digital Decoder Chip with Pre-wired Plugs.

Carrera Digital 1/43, 1/32 and 1/24 compatible decoding chip - the smallest 18.5 volts chip on the market.

The pre wired MPL chip is a great substitute for the FT scd 2022, lower profile as it does not have the light plugs built in, and it is rated to 18.5 volts with a very robust mosfet capable of handling up to 18D motors-a new Rev3 version, adding a flashing lights mode to the previous version.

The slimmest!- only 3mm (0.11") tall/thick- ideal for F1, low bodies and tight spaces.
Smaller!- 0.96" (24.5mm) long by 0.59" (15mm) wide- install anywhere- chassis, body etc.
Flexible!- Flat bottom side (no protruding components) for a flat easy to mount surface.
Lightweight!- only 0.05 ounces (1.6g) - Net Weight without wires
  • - Convert and upgrade any brand of slot car to be compatible with Carrera Digital slot tracks.
  • - NEW-Ultra flex silicone wires with compatible plugs for power/motor, IR sensor and lights- now pre installed!
  • - 10 speed and brake levels with Carrera CU's, (16 steps with Cockpit-XP or Open Lap)
  • - Maximum operating voltage: 18.5V, Minimum, 12v
  • - Head and tail lights and separate brake lights functions ready and capable
  • NEW Flashing headlights function (aka passing/overtake signal lights). Just depress change lane controller button while driving to activate - Le Mans style!
  • - Pitlane function and Ghost car can only be used in conjunction with Carrera Digital Control Unit (CU) 30352.
  • - REV.3-Higher capacity Mosfet- can be used with 18D and high performance tuning motors
Kit includes:
1 MPL Digital Decoder QX2021 Rev.3
1 IR Diode- aka "Sensor"
1 IR Diode chassis mounting snap-in bracket
1- Instruction sheet in English
 LED Lights, capacitors, NOT INCLUDED.
NOTE:  The polarity of the wires of the front headlights to the plug does not match the wire colors!
USE: From LED Positive (+) to Negative (-) on the chip



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  • Model: QX2021
  • Manufactured by: SlotInvasion USA

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