MPL QX2021 Rev.3 Carrera Digital Decoder Chip

Item no.: MPL QX2021 Rev.3

Carrera Digital 1/43, 1/32 and 1/24 compatible decoding chip - the smallest 18.5 volts chip on the market.

The pre wired MPL chip is a great substitute for the FT scd 2022, lower profile as it does not have the light plugs built in, and it is rated to 18.5 volts with a very robust mosfet capable of handling up to 18D motors-a new Rev3 version, adding a flashing lights mode to the previous version.

The slimmest!- only 3mm (0.11") tall/thick- ideal for F1, low bodies and tight spaces.
Smaller!- 0.96" (24.5mm) long by 0.59" (15mm) wide- install anywhere- chassis, body etc.
Flexible!- Flat bottom side (no protruding components) for a flat easy to mount surface.
Lightweight!- only 0.05 ounces (1.6g) - Net Weight without wires
  • - Convert and upgrade any brand of slot car to be compatible with Carrera Digital slot tracks.
  • - NEW-Ultra flex silicone wires for power/motor and lights- now pre installed!
  • - 10 speed and brake levels with Carrera CU's, (16 steps with Cockpit-XP or Open Lap)
  • - Maximum operating voltage: 18.5V, Minimum, 12v
  • - Head and tail lights and separate brake lights functions ready and capable
  • - Pitlane function and Ghost car can only be used in conjunction with Carrera Digital Control Unit (CU) 30352.
  • - REV.3-Higher capacity Mosfet- can be used with 18D and high performance tuning motors
Kit includes:
1 MPL Digital Decoder QX2021 Rev.3
1 IR Diode- aka "Sensor"
1 IR Diode chassis mounting snap-in bracket
1- Instruction sheet in English
Please note these chips do not have direct connect plugs for lights, but they can be hardwired.  LED Lights, capacitors, NOT INCLUDED.
This is the ideal chip for the -DYI serious slot racer!- fine tip soldering iron, solder, hot glue or double sided foam mounting tape needed to complete installation- NOT INCLUDED.
US based tech support & spares- 1 chip for all three scales-



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  • Model: QX2021
  • Manufactured by: SlotInvasion USA

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