Carrera 61510 GO!!! Double Sliding Contacts, 10 pcs.

Item no.: 61510
Scale: 1:43

Contents:  Double sliding contacts, 10 pcs.

Note:  Braids pick up electrical power from the rails.  If you find your car stutters or stops, the problem is likely to be with the braids.  It is important that the braids are kept clean as dirt or fluff will interfere with their connectivity.  How the braids lie can also make a huge difference to how well they work.  Generally, the braids should be kept as thin strips and not allowed to get bushy.  Ideally the whole width of the braid's end will make contact with the entire width of the rail.  Many racers like to bend the braids down so they act as springs against the track and others like to splay the ends slightly.  You may have to experiment to see what works best for you.




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  • Model: 61510
  • Manufactured by: Carrera Revell of Americas

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