Carrera GO!!! 1/43 Race Sets

GO!!! - Top reproduction licenses, exciting cars and numerous action features in a small-scale, analog format. Carrera welcomes racers of all ages to the world of high-speed cars and realistic racing fascination. The supreme quality of Carrera's tracks, the stability of Carrera GO!!! slot cars in 1/43 scale, the turbo power handset, and a comprehensive range of action features all make this the perfect starter system for kids from 8 years and up. All basic Carrera GO!!! slot race track sets can be expanded with an unlimited range of additional tracks, accessories, deco materials and extension sets.

1:43 track is proportionally narrower (4.48"/114mm wide) and the sections are shorter than 1:24 scale track. Carrera GO!!! slot cars (1/43 scale) are approximately between 3" - 4" long (8-10 cm). The Carrera GO!!! race track sets offer top-quality, durable tracks with easy assembly and disassembly and adjustable height supports. A maximum of 2 cars can run on the Carrera GO!!! track. Transformer: 14.8 Volts

PLEASE NOTE: Contact brushes must always be set correctly to ensure the car runs smoothly and constantly. Please make sure the end of the contact is bent towards the track.  Only the end of the contact brush should touch the track, not the entire contact. This helps to avoid the contact wearing out too quickly and improves the quality of the track contact.  Also note: the pieces of track attract dust due to static charge and should be dusted before each use, as dust will cause the contact to wear much more quickly and also prevent a proper contact with the track.

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Carrera 62477 GO!!! Disney-Pixar Cars Neon Nights Set
Item no.: 62477 Scale of track: 1:43 Scale of cars: 1:43 Dimensions when assembled: 5.2 x 3.11 ft / 160 x 95 cm Track length: 17.38 ft. / 5,3 m...

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Carrera 62491 GO!!! Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Set
Item no.: 62491 Scale: 1:43 Dimensions when assembled: 5.18 x 2.23 ft / 158 x 68cm Track length: 16.07 ft. / 4,9m Carrera GO!!! Nintendo Mario Kart 8...

$108.99... more info

Carrera 62543 GO!!! DTM Power Run Set
Item no.: 62543 Scale: 1:43 Carrera GO!!! DTM Power Run Set. Dimensions when assembled: 7.22 x 3.22 ft / 220 x 98 cm Track length: 29.19 ft. / 8,9...

$116.99... more info

Carrera 62548 GO!!! Max Performance Set
Item no.: 62548 Scale: 1:43 Carrera GO!!! Max Performance Set. Dimensions when assembled: 5.74 x 4 ft / 175 x 122cm Track length: 20.66 ft. /...

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Carrera 62551 GO!!! Ferrari Pro Speeders Set
Item no.: 62551 Scale: 1:43 Dimensions when assembled: 8.2 x 4.75 ft / 250 x 145cm Track length: 28.21 ft. / 8,6m   Carrera GO!!! Ferrari...

$116.99 $105.29Save: 10% offBuy Now

Carrera 62561 GO!!! DTM High Speed Showdown Set
Item no.: 62561 Scale: 1:43 Dimensions when assembled: 7.22 x 3.22 ft / Track length: 29.2 ft. / m Carrera GO!!! DTM High Speed Showdown Set. Double...

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Monthly Specials For December - Slot Car Race Sets

Carrera 62548 GO!!! Max Performance Set
$116.99 $105.29Save: 10% off

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