Analog Slot Car Race Sets

Carrera, Scalextric and the new Policar analog slot car sets work by controlling the cars' speed with variable voltage on the rails. All the cars on the same rails will receive the same voltage and cannot be controlled independently. The power base simply connects power to each rail via the variable resistor in each hand-controller. The electricity to the car flows through the hand-controller. The cars have a "guide blade" (Carrera GO slot cars have a "pin"), a small keel near the front that sits in the slot when the car is on the track. This keel follows the slot to guide and steer the car around a racing circuit. With Carrera, Scalextric and Policar analog slot car sets, the main concern is your car and your track: maintaining the car's balance as you find the perfect braking point and the best way to bring back the throttle out of the corner. While you may be wary of a car in the adjacent lane, the main attention is on your own car and the track.

Monthly Specials For June - Analog Slot Car Race Sets

Scalextric C1422T Street Cruisers Set
$174.99 $122.49Save: 30% off

Scalextric C1414T Speed Shifters Set
$174.99 $122.49Save: 30% off

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