Policar PT004Z-US 4-Lane Starter Set 30.18 ft / 9,2m (Cars Not Included)

Item no.: T004Z
Scale of track: 1:32
Scale of cars: 1:32

Space Required: 12.46 x 7.21 ft. / 380 x 220 cm
Track Length: 30.18 ft. / 9,2 m 

Policar Track Starter Set 4-Lanes.

This Policar starter track set includes all the parts to create a 4-lane analog circuit or deluxe 2-lane circuit. Featuring over 30 feet of track with borders, bridge supports, four hand controllers and adjustable power supply. Fully expandable up to 10 lanes. An ideal pack for racers who want to upgrade their track system or create a larger raceway.

Pack Contents:

  • 24x Full length straight (P008)
  • 1x Analog powerbase for Lanes 1 & 2 (P015) 
  • 1x Analog powerbase for Lanes 2 & 4 (P016)
  • 5x ½ length straight (P023)
  • 12x R2 curve (P014)
  • 24x R3 curve (P044)
  • 40x ½ length straight border (P002)
  • 24x Inner border for R2 curve (P052)
  • 24x Outer border for R3 curve (P056)
  • 2x End border left (P059)
  • 2x End border right (P060)
  • 1x Bridge set (16 feet, 60 barrels, 8 linkages P010)
  • 2x Barrier set (P073)
  • 4x Mechanical speed controllers, red & black (P028 - P029)
  • 2x Adjustable power supply (P003US)
  • 14x Locking clips for straights (P074)
  • 10x Locking clips for curves (P075)
  • 150x Intersection locking clips (P076)
  • 1x Instruction manual

The cars are not included in the package, but are sold separately.  Price includes shipping for 2 Boxes.  Ships by UPS only. 


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  • Model: PT004Z-US
  • Manufactured by: Policar

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