Super Tires Silicone Tires

Super Tires High Performance Slot Car Tires

"Tear up the Competition, Not your Tires"

  • SUPER TIRES are made in America.
  • SUPER TIRES are 100% true, no need for sanding or shaping to size.
  • SUPER TIRES do not need to be glued to the wheel like other brands.
  • SUPER TIRES are made from long lasting compounds that will out last the life of your slot cars.
  • SUPER TIRES products and molds are made only with the best CNC computer operated machines.
  • SUPER TIRES are 99% air bubble free unlike other manufacturers' slot car tires.

Please Note:

For best performance, it is important for the track to be as clean as possible.

All part numbers with "R" following the number means that specific tire has one rounded sidewall only.

Models/Applications noted with an asterisk (*), while not specifically designed for the application, have been tested and can be used for the model specified.

Widths for "R" series tires are for the contact patch only (excludes sidewall).

Tires 1007R, 1008R, 1009R and 1302R have a minor arc radius on one side (for tight wheel clearance).



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