Buy new slot cars online at LEB Hobbies before they're released to market. We will note in the description estimated retail prices from our vendors on items available for Pre-Order slot cars, but those prices are subject to change. You will be advised of any changes as we become aware of them and can cancel at any time prior to shipment.

Pre-Orders with Limited Quantity
Occasionally, manufacturers will limit the amount of a product available. If this happens, we will process the online slot car pre-orders in the order in which they were received and restrict the number of an individual car sold to any one customer to 1 or 2 each.

Effective immediately.  We will not charge for any pre-ordered items until the product has confirmed tracking for delivery to us. A 'place holder' charge of $0.01 will be used to secure your item in the system.  The website will automatically add a cost for a 'box weight', which does not reflect the real shipping cost.  If placed by PayPal, we will send a payment request for the full amount of the item plus shipping as soon as we receive confirmed tracking for the pre-ordered item. Credit card orders will also be processed at that time.   Our standard payment policy of free shipping over $100.00 for the IN STOCK ITEMS ONLY at the time of your shipment will apply to all pre-orders.

Pre-order Shipping
We offer free shipping for continental U.S. customers only for shippable Pre-Orders totaling over $100 (ie., if your total for items that can be shipped at one time is over $100). If your Pre-Order slot cars and other materials arrive at different times, we will need to ship them as received; we do not hold merchandise.

There is no penalty for cancellation of Pre-Order slot cars, tracks, sets, etc.  However, if we have not received a prior request from you to cancel, we will bill the merchandise as soon as it becomes available.  If payment is not received within 7 days the pre-order will be released back into stock and your order cancelled.  Kindly note that if we receive multiple cancellations from the same customer, we reserve the right not to accept future Pre-Orders from that customer.

Please note that any projected release dates for new items are taken from information provided by manufacturers and/or distributors and should not be considered firm.  Many factors affect release dates and cause them to slip, but we will advise accordingly as new information is provided to us.



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