Professor Motor PMTR7020 1/32 Stainless Guide Spacers 0.005"




Professor Motor Universal 1/32 Stainless Steel Guide Spacers 0.005" (0.13mm) - 10 Spacers / Package.  Maximum bearing area and premium material for best guide stability and wobble free perfornance.  Fits NSR,, Policar, Sideways and most other brand guides.

These spacers help to optimize car handling performance by positioning the guide the optimum distance from the chassis plate to fully engage the guide in the slot, thus reducing guide wobble and instability helping to keep the car where it belongs in the slot.  They also improve elecgtrical reliability be bringing more of the car weight to bear on the guide flag resulting in better and more consistent "juice" to the motor with reduced incidence of guide flag braid "burning".  These also help to compensate for braid depth variation in wood routed tracks and rail height variation in different brands of plastic track.  Made in the USA.

GREAT SPEED TIP : 2 of these stainless steel washers on top on one another with a film of oil in between will act like "ball bearings" and will greatly reduce rotating friction and improve guide performance and returnability.




  • Model: PMTR7020
  • Manufactured by: Professor Motor

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Professor Motor PMTR7020 1/32 Stainless Guide Spacers 0.005"

Professor Motor PMTR7020 1/32 Stainless Guide Spacers 0.005"

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