SIGM29I Gear 29T, Inline Modular Crown, Aluminum Inline Modular Crown 29t - two parts gear with aluminum hub.

  • New system that reduces wear by friction.
  • Crown designed for exclusive use with offset motor mounts.
  • It is based on the use of an independent centering device and washers that rotate freely and are located on both sides of the motor shaft.
  • Made with aluminum and plastic of great strength and quality.
  • Includes crown and three washers 0.1mm thickness.
  • Requires the use of a stopper sold separately with references SIGMF55 and SIGMF60

The new M crowns are composed by three basic pieces:

1. The gear side: the gears are exactly the same as the usual crowns, with a new insert. The insert has a non threaded hole. 

2. The stopper: this is the part that keeps the shaft in place. To be combined with SIGMF55 (if 5.5mm pinion is used) or SIGMF60 (if 6mm pinion is used) sold separately.

3. The steel washers: they works as a bearing, free to rotate independently from each other and from the mutual movement of the crown and the shaft, nicely floating on a layer of oil.


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