Lane Gate 30347LG Anti Collision Chip-Double for Carrera 30347

Item no.: 30347LG

Lane Gate Anti Collision Chip-Double for Carrera 30347.

Digital Racing Solutions Lane Gate - Left Anti Collision Chip for Carrera Left Change Tracks

DOUBLE - for #30347 Double Lane Change where cars move to/from either lane.

Lane Gate is an easy way to reduce the carnage on your track. Lane gate stops crashes by preventing cars from changing lanes if another car is along side. When running ghost cars, they will no longer randomly crash into you or each other.

Lane Gate is a small add-on circuit that installs inside of the track selection. This is the "easy" version, which does not require any soldering to install and is as close to "plug-n-play" as possible. All connections will be made via pre-wired spring contacts or Posi-Splices.

Please note: The installation of this piece does require modification to the track piece which will void the Carrera Warranty.

Click here for installaton instructions


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  • Model: 30347LG
  • Manufactured by: Digital Racing Solutions

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