Scalextric C1436T ARC PRO Pro Platinum Set

Item no.: C1436T
Scale of track: 1:32
Scale of cars: 1:32

Scalextric C1436T ARC PRO Pro Platinum Set.

Scalextric ARC PRO; the first digital slot car race control system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device. Using Scalextric revolutionary new ARC Pro powerbase in conjunction with this app, users can seamlessly merge the excitement of real time, on-track racing, with the thrill of on-screen gameplay. ARC PRO takes racing to the ultimate level with multi car racing up to 6 cars, lane changing, separate pit lane stop, KERS as well as variable weather conditions, tire wear, fuel usage, brakes and post-race statistics. This set features 4 x modern GT racers going head to head on over 9 meters of track which can create 8 unique layouts and comes with barriers.

What's Inside

1x Mustang GT4, 1x Aston Martin GT3, 1x Corvette C8R, 1x Mercedes GT3, 2x hand controllers, 2x transformer, 1x powerbase, 1x braid plate track, 37x track pieces
  • Digital Plug Installed
  • High Detail
  • Easy Change Guide Blade
  • Front Lights


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  • Model: C1436T
  • Manufactured by: Scalextric

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