SICH48B HRS2 Motor Mount, Inline, 0.0mm Offset, Box/Flat Inline Long Motor Mount 0.0mm offset Boxer/Flat - Hard.  Compatible with DTM frames (side flap removed) of

This motor mount allows easy installation of the Boxer / Flat-6 motors.  'Hard' type chassis are suitable for high torque motors to avoid the vibrations that such kind of motors induce on softer supports.

In the ‘0.0mm’ offet versions the motor shaft and the rear axle lie on the same plane, whereas in the ‘offset’ versions, unique to, the rear axle is offset upwards.

Another unique feature of the Slot. it motor mount are the self-aligning gimbal bushings. Traditional cylindric bushings cannot compensate for chassis torsion and bad alignment; spherical bushing self adjust themselves to guarantee the minimum possible friction and can be made with optimal tolerances to eliminate excessive play.


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