SIMX16 V12/4 23K rpm motor Inline 170 g*cm No Pinion small can motor 23,000 rpm V12/4, 170 g*cm @ 12v. Supplied without wires and pinion. This V12/4 motor 23,000rpm (SIMX16) is assembled in cars from May 2016 and is standard on Group C cars with inline motor pod from June 2016.

Note:  This motor replaces the 21,500 rpm motors including SIMN06, SIMF06, SIMS06, SIMX06 and SIMY06.  The newer motors are no longer available with the pinion gear installed. This SIMX16 motor can be used as either inline or sidewinder, but for some sidewinder installations the motor shaft must be cut so it does not rub on the tire.



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