SIMX17 V12/4 29k rpm motor Inline/Sidewinder, No Pinion S-Can motor, 29,000 rpm V12/4 (FC130) - 160 g*cm torque, supplied without wires and pinion.  Compatible with home racing wall pack power supplies - 2mm plain motor shaft.

  • Stall torque:  160 g*cm @12V
  • Maximum speed:  29,000 rpm

The new 29k motor is exactly the same as the MX10 except for two things:

1.  A different endbell, which is now a single piece in order to keep the brushes more firmly and hopefully have a more stable production.

2.  An electrical noise suppressor (varistor ring) inside the motor.

NOTE:  All FC130 motors and any other FC130 with the shaft extending from both ends (sometimes referred to as "dual drive") can be converted to any combination of can drive or endbell drive and sidewinder or inline by changing the pinion gear and/or which end of the motor it is on.



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